Managed Hosting via DC74 - Data Center Services

Also known as a “Dedicated Hosting” or “Dedicated Server”, Managed Hosting is a type of internet hosting that allows a business to lease a physical machine from a hosting company with the knowledge that all of the computing resources of a particular server are being “dedicated” to an individual customer.  CMEAC leverages its sister company DC74 for this service.  Customers that operate large websites that experience high volumes of traffic may utilize more than one dedicated server to satisfy their website users’ expectations of quick page loads.  Some of the business benefits of Managed Hosting include:

  • No capital investment required by the customer; DC74 provides the equipment
  • Customers do not require an "in-house" IT department; these critical IT services are supplied by DC74 professionals
  • Since the server is “dedicated” to only one customer it is exclusive to customer-specific software resulting in faster speeds and a more secure environment

A managed hosting structure is often an essential need for companies who rely heavily on their website to generate revenue.  Shared hosting environment arrangements (in which hundreds of companies may be utilizing one server) can greatly impact the uptime of a company's website and operational applications.

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